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Pittsburgh Tree Spraying

At Pittsburgh Tree Service we offer a series of preventative and active insect horticultural sprays that are applied to the trees, shrubs, and premises, to eradicate and manage bugs and bugs from destroying your landscape, make it nice to be outdoors as well as keeping the bugs out of your home. Our ground sprays manage the low lying bugs like ticks, mosquitos, fleas, and grubs. These applications work best when used every 3-4 weeks apart during the active insect season. Not only are the bugs destructive to your landscape, however, pests like the Lyme illness tick and disease-carrying mosquitos likewise frustrate others and can pose a serious health threat to your household and animals.

Security All Year Long

Secure your beautiful landscape and guarantee your trees and ornamentals are secured all year long with our seasonal treatments created particularly for Pittsburgh's climate and insects with our tree spraying service.

Spring & Fall are a time of preventative bug control and require the application of dormant oils. This application kills insect eggs and prevents problems from occurring. These oils are applied to the bark and leaf surface area of your plants and suffocate any existing insect eggs, stopping them before they damage and destroy your plants. Dormant oils can also assist with particular illness trees might become infected with.

Summer season oil is a treatment applied to the bark and foliage of trees, shrubs, and ornamentals. This treatment is essential for the health of all types of shrubs and ornamentals. At this time of year, Pittsburgh is at its most beautiful, so ensure your trees are too so you can best delight in the view from your own house.

Winter season protection of trees and all of your plants calls for a waxy covering used to all evergreens and blooming plants that keep their leaves. Winter security of shrubs or trees is generally done late fail cold weather. Our item forms a protective finishing on the foliage of shrubs, to ensure they do not become dry and fragile and perhaps fracture, triggering damage.

Disease Response for Fruit Trees

Typically with certain trees, such as fruit-bearing trees like apple trees, the disease can paralyze the tree's natural fruit yield. You may find yourself disappointed that when once you could enter your yard and pick an apple, now your preferred tree is bare. This, of course, can be caused by a multitude of things but typical problems for fruit trees are fungus and disease.

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